The Struggle is REAL

This parenting thing is testing me on every level. My son took two roundtrip flights over a three-week span. We survived the trips, but there were some MAJOR hiccups.

My son rolled off a make-shift changing table and it was my fault. He peed through his diaper during the night. I thought I could quickly grab a fresh pair of pajamas. Well, I was not fast enough. As I grabbed some pants, I heard the LOUDEST thump I’ve ever heard in my life. I turned around and my beloved boy was on the floor. I screamed and ran to his aid. As you can imagine, my reaction only made things worse. My poor boy launched into the most pitiful cry in the world. I was devastated that my carelessness led to this. Thankfully, he was not physically injured and after a  few rounds of my rendition of “Understanding” by Xscape (it’s seriously what I always sing to him for his morning nap), he was back to calm. It took a little bit more for me to calm down, in fact I still feel horribly guilty. It was a tough lesson. Now no matter what, I pick him up if there are no straps available.

Our next problem? The plane ride home from Wisconsin. During our layover my husband changed Evan’s diaper because the line for the women’s room was too long. I sent the boys in the bathroom with a changing pad, diaper and wipes. I kept everything else. Imagine my surprise when I walked out the bathroom and saw my husband holding my pants-less son. I squealed, “What happened?”

When The Husband got inside the bathroom, he realized our son had just peed through his clothes. He couldn’t change them because I had the diaper bag and stroller with me in the women’s room. He made the executive decision not to bring the boy out in just his diaper.

Upon seeing my pitiful duo, I went into panic mode. The women’s room was still very crowded and I didn’t’ want to waltz my behind inside the men’s room, so we found the emptiest gate we could find in the airport and stripped our son. He emerged from the situation in a red onesie that looked like shorts. We emerged breathless and hungry. LOL!

Little E sat in my lap for all of the flights. I was so thankful he didn’t pee on the plane because I would have gotten wet as well. I did not have a change of clothes for myself.

In fact, Little E urinated through his diaper at his Grandfather’s house. We were sitting on his non-leather chair. The pee bypassed Little E’s diaper, soaked through my shorts and underwear (tmi?), then settled on my Father-in-law’s chair. The horror! I changed myself and Evan, plus cleaned up that chair. Luckily, he is a very understanding man.

Needless to say, we have started buying Little E size 5 diapers. They look too big, but the 4’s were obviously too small.

My husband and I love being our little guy’s parents. My husband is just better at it apparently. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!


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