I am the ultimate insecure mom. I’m in my late thirties and I battled infertility for years. I’m talking shots, surgeries, IVF and IUI failures, depression and attempted suicide. You can read about it all, minus the suicide attempt on my old blog: http://mrsdjrass.blogspot.com

When the smoke cleared, somehow my son arrived. Through adoption, something I previously despised, my family of two jumped to three. A beautiful young woman trusted   my husband and me to raise the son she carried for nine months. I still can’t believe she chose us. I still can’t believe HE chose us.

I love being a wife and mother and I’m currently the stay-at-home variety. I wanted to bond completely with my son and was blessed with the opportunity to do so. Now he is growing up and I have to figure out how to rejoin the workforce before it’s too late.

I also have to learn to grow some balls so I can help my son become a kick-ass, intelligent, compassionate and loving human being. I also have to make sure that I stay present in my marriage and not let the joy of motherhood/parenthood overshadow the absolute pleasure of being someone’s life partner.